The most complete, user-friendly and effective legislation management tool, with permanent access to legal documents.  Enables you to identify the legislation applicable to your organisation and assess your state of legal compliance, in addition to publishing the respective monitoring reports.

Integrates your tasks and the tasks of your staff.

This module allows you to manage your tasks and the tasks of your staff. It defines their deadlines, names the managers and tracks their progress.

The TASKS and EVENTS module is integrated into the global design of SIAWISE because it interacts with the rest of the modules (Legislation, My Documents, Tasks, Action Plans, Audits). The management of the requirements deriving from the legislation, regulations and other requirements can give rise to numerous tasks. Therefore, this module is linked to the other modules to manage all your tasks. The tasks can be: created by the users, attributed to other users, associated to the legal requirements, standards or documents. This makes it possible to track all the information in a single platform, from the origin of the task to its progress and completion.

As well as tasks, this module allows each user to manage the events of their diary, including those that are repeated, scheduling the repetitions at the desired frequency.The TASKS and EVENTS module has several filters to select the tasks and adjust to the preferences of each user. The way the tasks are viewed can be selected by the user, by Spreadsheet, Kanban or Gantt. This allows management of the deadlines and status of each individual task or group of tasks.

The audit service will respond to the provisions of the international standards that stipulate compliance with the legal requirements, such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 31000 and ISO 22000, among others.

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