The most complete, user-friendly and effective legislation management tool, with permanent access to legal documents.  Enables you to identify the legislation applicable to your organisation and assess your state of legal compliance, in addition to publishing the respective monitoring reports.

Each user can create other requirements and design their monitoring and assessment.

Organisations do not have to comply with only international legislations and regulations. There are increasingly more references and new requirements published in internal documents of clients or groups, through licences or authorisations. Through the DOCUMENTS module, each user can create other requirements and design how they are monitored and assessed. This module is linked to the AUDITS and TASKS and EVENTS module; therefore, it is possible to assess the requirements that are in this module associated to the tasks.

The audit service will respond to the provisions of the international standards that stipulate compliance with the legal requirements, such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 31000 and ISO 22000, among others.

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